Open discussion: Logo Update


A few weeks ago I toyed around with our logo. I wanted to do a minor facelift. We just talked about it on the matrix channel, but I wanted to have this in a more permanent form. So, here we are.

For reference: here is what we have today: The Fontawesome / Forkawesome text icon alongside the CodiMD wordmark.


My intention was to do tiny changes only, to bring out our focus on text and also make this logo work on more different backgrounds. This is what I ended up with:


And this is the same logo just on different backgrounds to check if it works on those colors, too.


Also: please feel free to post sketches or unfinished conceptual work in here, too! It does not need to be “finished” or “polished” to be worthy of discussion.


aspects that I personally associate with CodiMD, that might influence a logo design (feel free to add more!):

  • text / markdown is our primary way of interacting
  • collaboration
  • a slight geek factor (although I use CodiMD with a diverse bunch of people that wouldn’t fall in the “geek” category)
  • usage (for me) includes: documentation, drafting, coordination, wiki-like archival
  • regarding the name, here is how that came about:

    CodiMD, based on the latin word codicellus (or codicillus) which means notepad (or notebpads), is maybe a good new name. Those who really read the description will get it and those who don’t may think we tried to cutify “Code” or “Coder” which is in one or another way close to Hack or Hacker, which than again is close to HackMD

Of course these can’t all be in a logo, we should aim for a rather simple logo in my opinion. But brainstorming might give people other ideas where to go with it.


Might as well repost my concept as well then:


Perhaps it’s obvious, but the idea is to reflect the processing aspect of Markdown by using the stacked app-y shapes. The caudex serves as analogy for Markdown while the plant itself is the output. :grin: